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I plant under the mold factory, according to customer requirements, in the shortest period of time. The design of the new bottle, open a new mold, qualified quality and reasonable price.

The company has a mature logistics customers consignment agent, trucks, trains skin, containers, water transport, air transport and so on.

Company characteristic:

(1) the best quality - the same industry, the most stable quality, material color is the most white, the best finish.

(2) a variety of species up to -800, and 3-7 replaced with new products.

(3) matching the most complete - their own bottle cap factory, mold factory, carton plant。

(4) the credibility of the best - in the same industry, especially the supply of customers, the credibility of the best reputation.

Our factory is willing to excellent product quality, real price, looking forward to become your fixed trading partner!





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